KSiA (Photo taken by Niki Topouslidou)ギリシャはアテネで活動する男女デュオ。これまでForest Family Records, Transparent Records, Planet Mu, Cascine, Friends of Friendsなど多数の優良レーベルからリリース。リミキサーとしてもTycho (Ghostly International), Blood Diamonds (4AD), Steve Mason (Domino)など様々なアーティストの楽曲をてがけている。2度のヴォーカリストの脱退を経て、現在は小説家・詩人としても活動しているJessica Bellを迎え活動している。そのトレンドとノスタルジーを横断するメランコリックでドリーミーなサウンドはジャンルを超えて多数のリスナーに支持されている。

The ethereal and swirling sounds of the ambient-influenced pop of Greece’s Keep Shelly in Athens captures the transient feelings of city life and the inevitable passing of time. With lush melodic beats and dreamy vocals Keep Shelly’s production is an accessible and lighthearted entry into the world of down-tempo electronica. Keep Shelly In Athens’ Philokalia comes out September 29th via Athenian Aura Recordings.

With previous releases on labels including Forest Family Records, Transparent Records, Planet Mu, Cascine and Friends of Friends, the duo have already transported their whimsical arrangements and soothing productions across the globe, including performances at Coachella Festival, Parklife Festival, Brighton’s The Great Escape Festival and Austin’s Fun Fun Fun.

In addition to their own releases they have also done official remixes for Tycho (Ghostly International), Blood Diamonds (4AD), Steve Mason (Domino) and many more. Their third LP is coming out on September 29 2017 via their own record label Athenian Aura Recordings with the Aussie award-winning novelist/poet Jessica Bell as their new singer.