At Home_1_hiギリシャはアテネで活動する男女デュオ(RΠЯとSarah P.)。これまでForest Familyからの12インチ2タイトル、Transparentからの7インチ、日本のレーベル、Sixteen Tambourines Recordsからカセット、Planet Muから12インチをリリースしている。様々なアーティストからのリミックス・オファーも後を絶たない、インディ・シーンで今最も注目されているアーティストである。

With an air of mystique, Athens, Greece-based Keep Shelly in Athens combine ambient bedroom electro-pop, chillwave, and Ibiza house music influences to create a uniquely somber take on disco. In 2010, the boy/girl (presumably) duo released its debut EP, In Love with Dusk, and it became a blog hit. In 2011, Forest Family, the label run by Gorilla vs. Bear and Weekly Tape Deck, released the 12” Our Own Dream, and Planet Mu made arrangements for a follow-up EP titled Campus Martius at the year’s end.

“Athens, Greece’s Keep Shelly in Athens make down-tempo, Balearic-tinged sounds that sound like what would happen if someone tried to remake Air’s Moon Safari to correspond with the present day’s fashions.”- Pitchfork

“If St Etienne evoke memories of an idyllic London, this boy-girl duo do the same for beach resorts from Ayia Napa to Ibiza”- Guardian UK

“It’s not just a mood of vacation relaxinover a clear calendar, but of not owning a calendar, not worrying that time exists”- The Fader