GCM1イスラエルはテルアヴィヴにてRoi Avital (Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars), Joe Saar (Guitars, Sampler, Keyboards), Johnny Sharoni (Vocals, guitars,Sampler, Percussion)の3人により2013年に結成。

地元の優良レーベルBLDG5 Recordsに所属し、これまでEP4枚をリリースしている。Disclosure, Bondax, Blonde Redhead, Apparatなど様々なアーティストと共演を果たし、そのロック/ポップからクラブ・ミュージックまで、様々なエッセンスを絶妙な塩梅で融合させたハイブリッドなサウンドは、Pitchfork、The fader、Stereogum、The 405など、海外の主要メディアでも賞賛されている。

Entertainment (2013)
Bengali Cinema (2014)
Modern West (2015)
She’s So Untouchable (Single+Remixes) (2017)

BLDG5 ‘Ground Floor’ Compilation (2013)
Entertainment / Bengali Cinema LP (2014)
Ninja Jamm – EP Bundle 5 (2014)

Tel Aviv based Garden City Movement is a top notch electronic music project consisting of Joe and Roi formerly part of “Lorena B”. They’ve performed with Disclosure, Bondax, Blonde Redhead and Apparat to name a few. Johnny, the third member, is a well known music journalist, radio DJ and nightlife persona who has played alongside artists such as Floating Points, Koreless, Oneman and many more. Together, the three produce a blend of perfectly beautiful mixes drawn from their diverse cultural worlds. The result ranges from sweet hypnotic beats to ground floor based tracks.
After signing with BLDG5 records, GCM released Their four track ‘Entertainment’ EP worldwide and it quickly won praise in leading publications; ‘Casa Mila’, described as “glitchy, summery goodness” by The 405, the strung out slo-jam ‘Move On’ was featured on Pitchfork, Majestic, Fader & Stereogum.

“Sharp notes ring out, falling like suspended water droplets that form a babbling brook, all that remains as the final coda crumbles” (pitchfork)
“A frenetic fusion of dancefloor-ready beats and intertwining vocals which seem to wrap themselves around your cerebral cortex” (Clash magazine)
“A very, very pretty piece of work” (Stereogum)
“Song’s gorgeous, though; their vocal-pitching’s without peer” (The Fader)

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