Artist: KILN
Title: Dusker
Cat#: ARTPL-075
Format: CD / Digital

※解説: デンシノオト

Release Date: 2016.05.25
Price(CD): 2,000yen + tax

ミシガンの3人組Kilnが2007年にGhostly Internationalからリリースし、そのエレクトロニカ〜アンビエント〜ポストロック〜シューゲイザーまでをクロスフェードするかのようなサウンドが支持を集め、密かな名盤として評価されてきた『Dusker』が遂にCD再発!Tycho〜Boards Of Canada〜Ulrich Schnaussファンは必聴。

様々なレーベルから作品をリリースし、エレクトロニック・ミュージック・シーンにおいて密かな人気を誇るミシガンの3人組Kiln。リリースしてきた作品の中でもひと際評価が高いのが2007年にGhostly Internationalからリリースした『Dusker』だ。ダウンテンポを基調にギター、キーボード、サンプリングなどエレクトロニクス、アコースティックを織り交ぜ、グリッジ・ノイズなどもアクセントにし、絶妙に程よい塩梅で融合させ、エレクトロニカ〜アンビエント〜ポストロック〜シューゲイザーまでをクロスフェードするかのようなサウンドに仕上げている。今日においても密かな名盤として評価されているエレクトロニカの隠れ名盤。


Dusker, the latest from Michigan trio KILN, infuses the entire concept of electronic composition with an almost impossible organic sense, its lush songs packed with flourishes that appear and disappear, cycling, spilling and disintegrating across the stereo field. It is an aural feast on headphones, and a perfect companion for a stroll through auburn fields. KILN have a knack for balancing heart-rending melodies & progressions against rhythmic forms & textures of incredible depth, making for a richness of sound that may well be instrumental for the sole fact that words could never express as much.

They are also meticulous manipulators of their instruments; while guitars, drum kits and live percussion appear on many tracks, the ear will struggle to pinpoint the possible sources of the unique sounds comprising Dusker. Despite a penchant for mystery, though the band themselves are highly private, write in their own dialect and never play live, one is drawn into a placid realm of womblike softnesses and hazy warmth, entranced and engaged at every shift by a wealth of beautiful sounds that elevate their human, natural and electronic foundations equally.

Having quietly staked out their musical territory for more than a decade, KILN describe their evolved orchestrations as “Dusken texture-groove-mosaics- an active, electrified space that employs plenty of float, but without the drift”. The underlying complexities and fully formed environs of each piece come from lengthy germinations and reconfigurations, born from a compositional method that involves sound file exchange and constant modification. It is this emphasis on a wholly natural process, both in inspiration and execution, that separates KILN from their peers, and makes Dusker one of the most original statements in electronic music in some time.


01. Fyrepond
02. The Colorfreak
03. Templefrog
04. Rustdusk
05. Airplaneshadows
06. Flycatcher
07. Arq
08. Rua
09. Korsaire [Aireplaneshadows Rebuild]
10. Sunsethighway
11. Tigertail
12. Crane Ensemble (Bonus Track for Japan)

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