MLコネチカット州の郊外で生まれ育った彼は進学のためにシカゴに引っ越すが、そこで不眠症を発症し無数の眠れぬ夜を過ごす中、 Mister Liesとしての活動をスタートした。閉じ込められた部屋の中で寄せ集めた楽器とキーボードとラップトップで音楽を制作。2012年にセルフ・リリースに てBandcampで発表した『Hidden Neighbors EP』(収録曲「False Astronomy」のMVはYouTubeで100万近い再生回数)は、ポストダブステップ以降のビート~エレクトロニック・ミュージック・シーンで注 目を集め、ネットを主体に話題となっていった。。そしてデジタル・リリースされた、Jessica Blanchetをヴォーカルにフィーチャーしたシングル「I Walk (ft. Jessica Blanchet)」、Lefseからの7インチ「Dionysian」を経て、2013年にフル・アルバム『Mowgli』をリリースした。現在は ニューヨーク~グリーン・マウンテンを活動の拠点としている。

Mister Lies is the product of dorm-room insomnia, the development of a family of friends in a city of strangers under altered states and the feeling of homesickness for places where one only feels homesick. It is also the operational alias for a 20-year-old producer, multi-instrumentalist and feral child who was raised by wolves in the forests of a Connecticut suburb. Somewhere down the road, those winds whisked him away and dropped him off in Chicago. Eventually, he formed a fresh pack of lone wolves all aiming to create something greater. In the harshest parts of winter in the Windy City; equipped with a laptop, several controllers and whatever instruments were lying around his congested dorm-room; he released his first EP anonymously before eventually revealing his identity as Nick Zanca. Before long these atmospheric, nocturnal tracks started making rounds. After many months away, Zanca revisited his New England roots with a collection of Rudyard Kipling’s written work and a carload of microphones, synthesizers and samplers and camped out at a cabin on a lake in Vermont. Zanca’s debut full-length MOWGLI, out on Lefse in early 2013, is the eight-track result of that meditation and soul-searching – an aggressive hunt for self-awareness and feral youth.