Takako Minekawa & Dustin Wong
嶺川貴子 & ダスティン・ウォング

Toropical Circle”

Format: CD / Digital
Release date: May 15, 2013

music video comming soon!

アルバムとしては『Maxi On』以来の13年ぶりとなる嶺川貴子とDustin Wongの共作のリリース!


Takako Minekawa explored the possibilities of experimental pop with albums like “Roomic Cube”, “Cloudy Cloud Calculator”, and “Maxi on”. It’s been 13 years since “Maxi On” and this upcoming album was made in collaboration with Dustin Wong. Dustin was the guitarist for the band Ponytail, and has released 2 solo records, “Infinite Love” and “Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads” through Thrill Jockey.

This collection of songs were completely produced and recorded by the two at home. The music strikes a lovely balance of homemade coziness and experimentation with charming humor . The two’s musicality and human qualities galvanized into something brilliantly heart warming.

Dustin Wong’s minimal yet imaginative surreal sound created through his guitar and pedals in combination with Takako Minekawa’s graceful and eloquent voice, and the use of sampling, drum machine and keyboards resulted into a colorful and fantastic world. The sounds roll and change organically, gently taking the listener by the hand through a forest and to the sea.

『Roomic Cube』、『Cloudy Cloud Calculator』で実験ポップを追求し、アルバムとしては『Maxi On』以来の13年ぶりとなる嶺川貴子とDustin Wongの共作である。すべて2人のセルフ・プロデュースにより制作された本作は、ホームメイドの温かさと、ファニーな実験感覚、そして両者の兼ね備えた音楽的素養やヒューマニティが見事に合致したハート・ウォーミングな作品。ダスティンがギターとエフェクターで描き出すミニマル且つ夢幻的なサウンドと、嶺川のささやくようなたおやかなヴォーカルやコーラスの融合を基軸に、キーボードやドラム・マシンやサンプリングも交えつつ、ループを駆使してカラフルな世界を描き出す。コロコロと転がるようなメロディとナチュラルな転調が森林から海岸へと導くかのように、聴き手を緩やかに誘っていく。


In the Summer of 2011 Takako went to go see Dustin’s show in Tokyo. He was a fan of her music from the past and through that meeting they began corresponding. They also found many similar interests in music, the universe and mythology. When Dustin was in Japan they went in to a rent by the hour rehearsal studio to loosely do some musical improvisations and this led to a natural collaboration. They also collaborate visually, the album cover and music video is a result of that.



01 Party on a Floating Cake
02 Windy Prism Room
03 Circle has Begun (yorokobi humming)
04 Two Acorns’ dreams Growing as One
05 I Want to be with You
06 Swimming Between Parallel Times
07 Bell Tree Dancers
08 Enneagram Journey
09 New Circle was Begun
10 Story of Roots and Hands
11 Solar Glory
12 Electric Weave
13 Mirror Underwater in a Magic Lantern

Takako Minekawa & Dustin Wong “Party on a Floating Cake” [Official Music Video]


Takako Minekawa & Dustin Wong (duo)
8/11 仙台 – Sendai Kofee, Sendai Japan
8/14 京都 – 元・立誠小学校, Kyoto Japan
8/15 神戸 – 旧グッゲンハイム邸, Kobe Japan